S. Hacker Trust Imperative Workshop

neljapäev, 25 Jaanuar, 2018 - 09:00
Ülemiste City, Öpiku maja (Öpiku House), Valukoja 8, Tallinn, Estonia

Time and again, trust is identified as the element missing in unproductive relationships and teams. Usually an exercise is pulled from the consultant’s bag of tricks to address the deficiency. However, given the depth and complexities of trust, the instant fix fails to have any lasting value. It is critical that leaders build proficiency in the essential skill of trust building. Seminar Purpose This workshop delivers a firm understanding about trust components and teaches participants how to build trust in team and organizational settings. Based upon the popular text, The Trust Imperative, this course provides practical and straightforward methods to create trust in the workplace and shares dynamic models that allow for further discovery.


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